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What is SEO and why do you need it?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and this term encompasses all of the on page and off page techniques that make your site rank higher in the search engines.

SEO includes on page factors such as including a site map, optimizing the META Title, META Keywords, META Description, Footer Navigation, Content Creation, and so forth.

SEO also includes numerous off page factors such as Article Writing and Submission, Press Release Writing and Submission, Directory Submissions, Social Bookmarking, and a whole lot more!

Here’s How It Works:

  • The more relevant your content is, the higher your site ranks in the search engines. This is determined by the on-page factors.
  • The more popular your site is, the higher it ranks in the search engines. This is determined by the number of high-quality links pointing back to your site. The links come from places like articles, press releases, forum profiles and commenting, blog commenting, social bookmarking, etc.
  • The key is to select the best keywords, analyze your competition, and do more than they do!

Here’s What We Do:

  • We begin by analyzing your keywords to ensure that we are targeting people who are actually looking for what you’re offering.
  • Next, we analyze your competition to see exactly what they are doing.
  • After that, we make certain that your site is properly optimized by adjusting the on-page factors.
  • Lastly, we focus on the off page factors and begin promoting your site to increase your site’s popularity, drive traffic, and increase search engine rankings.

Here’s Why You Need It:

  • SEO helps your site to rank high in the Organic Listings. These are the sites that Google believes to be the most relevant based upon the keyword query.
  • This is one of the most difficult and rewarding strategies.
  • Results can take up to several months depending on the competition.

    • Keyword Research and Analysis
    • Competition Research and Analysis
    • On-Page Analysis and Optimization (Page Titles and META Data)
    • Off-Page Optimization Using Keywords in Anchor Text
    • Article Writing and Submission¬† (1 Article / 50+ Unique Submissions Monthly)
    • Periodic Press Release Writing and Submission
    • Social Bookmarking To Multiple Sites (50+ Monthly)
    • Web 2.0 Profile Submissions and/or Forum Profile Submissions (75+ Monthly)
    • Link Directory Submissions (75+ Monthly)
    • Continually Target and Promote New Keywords
    • Now You’ll Get Found and Get More Customers!
    • $497 Per Month


Any of our services can be purchased a la cart or as part of a package for even greater value. Before you decide on any of our services I’d like to arrange a one-on-one telephone conversation to¬† discuss your options.

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