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What is a lead generating landing page and why do you need one?

It doesn’t matter how much traffic your site gets if it doesn’t compel the visitor to take action and that’s what Lead Capture Landing Pages are designed to do. Most people make the mistake of spending thousands of dollars and a lot of time creating beautiful websites that are simply ineffective at converting visitors into leads.

If you already have a website, we are not suggesting that you redo it or get rid of it. You can still have your beautiful brochure website which is a great place to send your existing customers. The addition of a Lead Capture Landing Page is designed to help you to get your prospects to give you their information or pick up the phone and call you.

Here’s How It Works:

  • You give the prospect something of VALUE for FREE or for a HUGE discount. This is your IRRESISTIBLE OFFER.
  • In order to get your IRRESISTIBLE OFFER, the prospect enters their contact info such as name and email address into a lead capture form on the page.
  • The goal is NOT to try to sell them at this time. You are simply offering them something of value in exchange for their contact information. This builds trust.
  • Now you have way to follow up with this person and add them to your marketing sales funnel.

Here’s What We Do:

  • Create a custom Lead Capture Landing Page site with up to 5 pages.
  • Match the colors of your logo or existing website.
  • Add your irresistible offer.
  • Add a call-to-action.
  • Add an Opt-in form that enables you to capture the prospect’s contact information.

Here’s Why You Need It:

  • If you are paying to drive traffic to your site, you want to be able to control that traffic.
  • This way, you can market to these prospects on a regular basis.
  • Educating your prospects and customers builds trust.
  • Sharing information about specials encourages repeat sales.

    • A Customized Lead Generating Landing Page (up to 5 total pages)
    • Designed to Match The Look and Feel of Your Existing Branding
    • Includes Your Irresistible Offer and Call To Action
    • Includes An Integrated Lead Capture Form
    • Custom Slide Show Video That We Create
    • This Gives Prospects A Reason To Contact You!
    • $2700 One Time Creation Fee


Any of our services can be purchased a la cart or as part of a package for even greater value. Before you decide on any of our services I’d like to arrange a one-on-one telephone conversation to¬† discuss your options.

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