First Page Google Magic

First page Google magic works like this; get on the first page of search engine results and get noticed or get on any other page and be invisible. It really is that simple. Here’s why:

  • Most experts agree that 90% – 95% of internet users never search past the first page Google results.
  • Google is the clear search engine favorite among most internet users.
  • Statistics from both Google and the Kelsey Group reveal that over 70 percent of internet users search for local businesses online.

Old School Marketing Just Doesn’t Work Today

This Is What Works Now!

If You’re Not On The First Page Of Google, You Might As Well Be Invisible!

It’s kind of like having a billboard in the middle of the desert. It’s there but nobody will see it.

Not Getting Found On The First Page Of Google

A First Page Google Ranking = More Customers and More Sales!

The internet has turned traditional marketing on it’s head. With old school marketing such as TV, radio, and print ads you would attempt to find customers by broadcasting to the masses. These methods were not very targeted. Internet marketing is laser targeted in that the customer is in control of the process based on the keywords they enter into the search engine search bar. Instead of you finding your customers, they find you!

You simply need to let them find you and you do this with a first page Google listing.

The Anatomy of The First Page of Google

http://www.FirstPageGoogleRank.comMy Favorite Ways To Get On Page One of Google

There is more than one way to get listed on the first page of Google here are 4 of the best:

  1. Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click Marketing aka PPC. This is where you pay each time someone clicks on your ad.
  2. Google Places Local Listings. These listings appear for LOCAL searches only and are not displayed with e-commerce sites.
  3. Google Organic Listings. These are the natural  listings that Google believes are the most relevant based upon the searched upon keyword.
  4. YouTube Video Listings. If Google feels that a video is relevant to the search they will display a video listing with a thumbnail.

We Can Get You Listed on The First Page of Google!

Unless you have a lot of free time on your hands or a full time marketing staff, it can be an overwhelming task. It can also be pretty confusing trying figure out the best approach  to getting there.

If you didn’t already request your FREE Website Analysis, do so now!

Which Of These Ways Is Right For You?

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