Why is it so important to be in the Google maps listings?

When your prospects do a Google search the map is the first thing that will catch their eye as it’s located in what’s known as the Golden Triangle. Eye tracking studies have shown that most people focus on the upper left 1/3 of the first page and that’s where you want to be!

What if I’m already on the map?

If you’re already in one of the Top 7 Google maps positions (the Google 7 Pack), then you’re already golden.

However, if your listing is on the map but didn’t make it to the Google 7 Pack, then your business is represented by a small dot instead of a marker.  Don’t worry, we can still help.  If you decide to use our services, we will analyze your existing listing and make any necessary adjustments or additions.  The price is the same as we still have to work our magic. In fact, we usually have to do MORE work if you already have a listing!

Do I have to have a website to be on the map?

No. You don’t need to have a website but you do need a phone number.  Otherwise, how will people call you?

How does the guarantee work?

If we are unable to get your listing to appear in one of Top 7 Google Maps spots for at least one of your keyword phrases, then we’ll refund the entire set-up fee.

Does the guarantee also apply to the monthly fee?

No. The monthly fee is not refundable.  We will refund every penny of the initial set-up fee not including the monthly fees.  You will still receive the benefit of all the hard work we put into your listing and all of the directory submissions that we will do on your behalf, therefore, we keep the small monthly fees should you decide to cancel.

If I decide to cancel, do I need to wait 90 days before doing so?

Yes. This is because we have no control over Google. In some instances your listing may appear in the Top 7 spots right away and in some instances it could take weeks before it shows up in any portion of the map section.

What is a “keyword phrase”?

A keyword phrase is a group of words that a prospect would type into the search engine search bar when looking for a particular type of business.  Some examples would be Naples hair salon, Miami cosmetic surgeon, and Houston chiropractor.

How many keyword phrases can I use?

You can target up to 5 keyword phrases.

Will I have control of my listing if I cancel your services?

You will have complete control of your site and your listing. We will also provide you with your user name and password so that you can make any changes. Of course, this also means that it will be your responsibility to monitor your listing to keep it in the Google 7 Pack on the front page of the Google search results. If you cancel your subscription, we will no longer maintain and optimize your Google Places listing.

How long will it take to get my business listed in the TOP 7 spots of the map?

We will get your listing created within 5 business days.  However, we have no control over Google.  In some instances a Google Maps listing must be reviewed by the folks at Google and it can take up to several weeks for your listing to appear once we submit it.  Also, if you already have more than one listing and we have to contact Google to report duplicates, this can be time consuming as we have no control over Google. In most cases, your listing should appear within a month. Good things are worth the wait!

Do you offer any kind of discount for paying upfront?

No, it’s the same for everyone. We charge an upfront fee and then a low monthly fee.

Will you work with one of my competitors in the same profession?

We will only work with 2 businesses in the same profession per city.

Who owns the Local Business Listing after it is “claimed”?

You own it. Once your listing is claimed, we will maintain it but it is still your listing.