Internet Marketing – The Perfect Vehicle For Local Business Exposure

Internet Marketing for Local BusinessYou may be wondering if internet marketing can help local businesses. If you’ve ever searched for a product or information online, then you already know that internet marketing works but can it help you get more customers for your local business? The answer is an empathic, “Yes!”

Are your prospects looking for you online? Of course they are, not by your name but by a local keyword phrase for your industry such as “Ft. Myers plumbing contractor” or “Ft. Lauderdale cosmetic surgeon.”  If they’re not finding you, then guess who they’re finding?  That’s right, your competitors!

Keyword selection for first page Google exposure

They’re Called Keywords Because They Really ARE That Important!

What do keywords really have to do with your success with internet marketing? The answer is: just about everything. If you just choose a keyword phrase to target based on the phrase for which you wish to get traffic you might be setting yourself up for failure. Same goes for selecting your keywords based on what you think your target prospects are typing into the search bar. Using such a haphazard approach is like building a house on a weak foundation.

Keyword Selection For First Page Google Domination

Faceebook Marketing

The Facebook Marketing Social Media Concoction

The goal of marketing is to reach the right customers with the right products at the right time, resulting in happy customers who are more than willing to open their wallets for your offerings. For decades, marketers have stalked their prospects through a multitude of avenues in an effort to share their message and raise awareness about their brand.

Traditional Methods of Marketing

Traditionally, marketing communications were conducted through print and broadcast media which is a form of disruptive advertising, where advertisements appear in between the content of interest for the prospective customer.

Those Ubiquitous Backlinks

In previous posts I’ve mentioned the importance of backlinks and how the search engines view them as “votes” to your site.  The reasoning is that if other sites “like” your site enough to link to it, it must be a pretty good site with useful information. I’ve also talked about various ways to get these backlinks such as leaving blog comments, submitting your articles to article directories, and social bookmarking, to name a few.

The Facebook Fan Page Is All The Rage

Facebook’s popularity has surged within the last year.  It’s seems that there are Facebook pages  for everything from rock stars to movies to small businesses to large corporations just to name a few.  If you can imagine it, there’s probably a Facebook page for it.

If you read my last blog post I shared some information that was inaccurate. I wrote that there are over 400 million Facebook users, when in fact, that number is now over 500 million! With this kind of popularity it just makes sense to build yourself a Facebook page that you can share with the world, or at least with people who would be interested in your message.

The Facebook Page In The New Frontier

Since internet marketing is still in it’s relative infancy, it’s sort of like the wild west.  There are a lot of good guys, a few bad guys, and a whole lot of new frontier. This is especially true of Facebook marketing. While Facebook was once considered just a social site for young people, it now appeals to people of all ages and has expanded at a record pace.

Directory Submissions

Directory Submissions – An Overlooked Traffic Generator

You probably already know that without traffic your website might as well not exist. To be successful online you need visitors.  The question is, how are you going to get them?

With all the buzz about Twitter, Facebook fan pages, and Google Places, sometimes it’s easy to forget about some of the less exciting methods of internet marketing.

The Importance Of Social Media

With all the buzz about social media, you may be wondering if social media is really that important. Is the pope Catholic? Does a bear…um, hibernate in Winter? Well, I think you get where I’m heading.

Ten years ago it would have been hard to imagine a world where Google, Facebook, and Twitter would dominate the social landscape. Even sci-fi movies didn’t predict the phenomenon known as social media.

What’s does first page google status have to do with your business? How’s your business doing? If you answered, “not so well” it may be because you’re still relying on 20th century marketing techniques. In the 21st century the the most effective marketing is interactive and it can be found on the internet. Therefore, if you want your business to “do well” you need to get on board and up to speed.

first page google

What Is A Google Places Page?

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, then you already know the importance of getting listed on Google maps.  The way you do this is by creating a Google Places page. However, before going any further, I need to make one thing very clear. While having a Google Places page should put you on the Google map for your city and business category, this does NOT mean you will be listed in the Top 7 Google Maps positions also known as the Google 7 Pack.  These Top 7 positions are important because if you are listed there you will be on the first page of Google.  If you are not in the Top 7 positions, you will simply be a dot on the map.  Here’s what I’m talking about:

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